Friday, January 7, 2011


I want to create consistent, good times of God-centered study and conversation with my kids that connect to what my church community is focusing on.

I am a disaster at keeping track of physical objects such as a quarterly lesson book, weekly Our Little Friend magazines, and even those awesome refrigerator magnets that our church just started sending home.

But I don't lose my phone or computer.

Proposal: To keep me conscious of playing with my kids around the lesson and helping them marinate (as Pastor Jon Ciccarelli likes to say) in the memory verse, I am setting up a weekly blog that will email both to me on my computer and phone.

Pipe dream:
This thing will
  • help a few other parents talk and play through the lesson and practice the memory verse with their kids weekly
  • give us a place to share stories, questions, brilliant (and other) ideas about our interactions with our children and life...which will work if you comment on the blog
Here's to a year marinating with our kids in God's words of life!

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  1. Thanks mike for setting this up! Looks great!! Parents I will also invite you to download the sabbath school app available for apple iOS and android. It's pretty good.